Posts from June 2008

  • Sweet Sweet Sourdough

    Well, I did it! Granted, it took two attempts… the first loaf… well, let’s just say it didn’t go terribly well. But the second one turned out very good!

    First Sourdough Boule

    Looks pretty nice, eh? The crumb is a bit on the tight side, but the flavour is nicely sour, and the crust and crumb are chewy, which I kinda like, actually. Should make some mighty fine sandwiches!

  • I'm Taking the Plunge

    Yup… I said I didn’t have the attention span to maintain a sourdough starter, and, well, I probably don’t.

    But I just gotta try it.

    As such, I now have a plastic container in my oven, the door propped open with a towel and the light on, containing a 100% hydration blend of organic white and dark rye flours. Here’s hoping it comes to life…