I tend to be a project oriented guy. I quite enjoy the process of creating things, and having something to tinker on is a great way to kill a little time and get away from work or the TV. But what fun is a project if you can’t share it with people? So this is an attempt to do just that.


In case you didn’t know, I’m a CS graduate and a programmer by trade. Thus, I spend a lot of my time Programming, literally for fun and profit. As such, I always have a personal project or two on the go. and none of them ever get close to being finished. This is what happens when you have the attention span of a three year old.

First off, for anything worth looking at, you’re best off just heading over to my github profile.

Other random dead projects

A port of NetHack for the Nintendo DS.
Nintendo DS EEPROM dump/restore tool.
An SGF Viewer implemented as a Firefox extension.
Perl Module.
A grep replacement written in Perl.
A cut replacement written in Perl.
A DS2Key client for X-Windows.
An LIRC client which generates key strokes using the XTest extension.
My work on Christien Bierre’s port of Generator, a Sega Genesis emulator.
A log watching script that I use on my MythTV Backend.
A transparent git wrapper which adds some useful features.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Level editor.
An old Perl Napster client I built in the long long ago.


Historically I’ve not spent a lot of time dabbling into hardware projects, but I’ve been trying to expand my horizons a bit lately, and so I figured I’d create a section for tracking these things in case I get into it more.

Handwired Alpha
My first DIY mechanical keyboard. Custom cut stainless steel case, plate mounted switches, hand wired to an Itsy Bitsy flashed with QMK firmware.

At one point I also built a MythTV system, though that died when I officially became a cord-cutter…


I used to maintain this page, which represented a list of my various knitting projects. But as the list grew, I’ve since migrated to Ravelry for tracking my various projects. Check it out if you’re curious (though note that you do need a log-in to access my profile).


I love to build stuff. I never used to understand the stereotype about guys and their love of tools. Of course, growing up, I never really had access to any, so I never truly understood the fun one can have building things. I understand, now.

Cedar Deck
The two tiered deck I built at the back of our house. Also my first major construction project!
Bicycle Trailer
A long-gone cargo trailer I built for hauling. I think it was stolen…
Rainwater Collection System
Simple water barrel on a stand with a spigot. Not long for this world…