First, a little bit about me. By day I’m a software product manager. By night I’m a programmer, knitter, skier, cyclist, cook, guitarist(ish), and a dozen other things besides.

As for this blog, let us step into the waybackmachine and recall what I wrote about my blog when I first relaunched it on Oddmuse back in the dusty aughts:

Originally, my website was, well, crap. ‘course, it’s still crap, but it’s cooler! Anyway, the old site was more of a Javascript experiment than anything else, to be honest. Something I whipped up during my heady Nortel Days.

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Internet buzzwords. In particular, I’m pretty excited about the whole Wiki thing. Plus as the weblog craze has started catching on more and more, I’ve begun to see the immense power that is now in the hands of we, the mere proletariat. Put another way, I wanna be a cool blogger, too!

So, I decided, why not put some of that power to work and retool my website. And here we are. This site is powered using the OddMuse wiki engine, which I’m using as a kind of content management system. Why a wiki engine? Well, I like the ease of content generation… I hate writing HTML, and wiki markup is so much simpler. And I’ve incorporated various extensions for managing photos, blogging, and even including LaTeX math markup (when I’m feeling mathematically minded: \(e = mc^2\)), GraphViz graphs (‘cuz, well, ya never know when I might want to draw a diagram), and even gnuplot plots… though I’m not sure how I’ll use those features yet.

Thus, here we are. The real question, now, is, what the heck to do next? Only time will tell.

A couple of things worth observing, here:

  1. The “weblog craze” certainly did take off, though in an increasingly corporatized way.
  2. I did not become a cool blogger.

Ahh, best laid plans…

Nevertheless, the blog abides and so do I. Though I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing, here…