Thanks to the break (see below) I’ve had the time and freedom to be an always-available uncle to a couple of absolutely incredible twin girls. I can think of no greater privilege.

I’m also currently neck deep in preparation for the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer.


The big story is that at the end of June, 2023, after over 20 years at INVIDI Technologies, I decided to leave and start a career break/sabbatical/whatever-you-wanna call it. As of this writing I’m… wow… almost a year into that break and am starting to think about what I want to do next, though I don’t yet have a clear answer.

As an aside, these last 12 months were an incredibly weird time to take a seat on the sidelines.


  • Spring time gardening has begun and I’m starting plants indoors for the first time, to rather mixed results.
  • I recently made some updates to my Nintendo DS port of NetHack. I won’t claim I’m “maintaining” it again, but I do tinker with it from time to time.
  • Relatedly, I managed to replace the top screen of my Nintendo DS Lite.
  • I continue to act as maintainer for the gem, though I haven’t cut a release in a while…


  • I learned how to replace a bathroom sink because life loves curveballs.
  • I’ve so far achieved level 12 on the Smash the Stack Blowfish wargame1.
  • I’m finally in driver’s ed and on the path to getting my license! I am Jack’s bottomless well of performance anxiety.
  1. I still can’t believe I didn’t start attempting these sooner given how well this kind of work aligns with my past low-level programming experience.