Well, after spending too much time playing Go on the Dragon Go Server, and finding it extremely irritating to have to fire up cgoban or some other tool just to walk through a game, I realized that what I really wanted was a simple, light-weight SGF viewer (and, some day, editor) that was portable and could be easily integrated into Firefox. The obvious solution was a Firefox extension. And thus FoxGo was born.


  • Adds a context menu item for loading SGF files directly from a URL.
  • Decent functionality for walking through variations (though this needs improvement).
  • ‘Guess Mode’, inspired by similar functionality in the GoBase SGF viewer.
  • Supports multiple SGF files in a single collection (useful for smaller problem sets… but don’t try to load Kogo’s Joseki dictionary into this thing :).


Here’s an image of FoxGo in action:


Note: FoxGo requires Firefox 1.5 or greater… I’m too lazy to figure out how to make a backward compatible XPI, so you’ll just have to live with it. :)

Latest FoxGo XPI


This is really preliminary stuff. It works, and I use it regularly, but there are known issues with very large SGF files, and the variation handling isn’t perfect yet.


In case anyone noticed, yes, the graphics for FoxGo are plagiarized from the Dragon Go Server. AFAIK, that project is under the GPL, so I presume the graphics were also freely reusable. And they really are very pretty. :) So, a big thanks to the folks who created those images!