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    • As he stepped out of the elevator, walked across the lobby, and out into the midday sunlight, he found himself truly realizing: this was it. Twenty-two years and this was his #last day.

      Approaching the idling car, he leaned down and grinned at his wife through the passenger side window. As he opened the door and sat down she turned to him. “So, you ready?”

      He laughed, feeling an unseen weight slipping away. “Oh yeah. I’m ready.”

    • Approaching the headwall he saw the feature which gave this hike its name: the entrance to a massive crack in the stone.

      Entering the #crevice he saw a band of blue sky above, a rill of water trickling past his feet below.

      This place was its own world, of cool water and moss and granite. He watched as a dragonfly flitted past. “Hello!” he shouted, listening to his voice echo off the sheer walls.

      “Hello!” a voice answered back. A voice not his own.

    • He knew that experienced divers moved with #minimal effort, allowing them to burn their air more slowly and extend their dives. But on his first trip down he quickly learned that theory and reality were very different things.

      As he added more air to his BCD, trying to arrest his descent, he looked over to see an enormous sea turtle gliding past. Astonished, he watched in wonder, his heart rate and breathing slowing as the world paused around him.

    • He gently brushed the dirt away from the new find, an Egyptian cosmetic #palette, perfectly preserved, its face adorned in delicate carvings.

      “Beautiful,” he muttered to himself, already thinking of the paper he would write about the piece.

      Until, that is, a man with a hat and a whip came charging through his dig site, gunfire following in his wake.

      “My mom was right,” he thought, “I should’ve become a dentist.”

    • The sheet of paper lay before her, an infinity of possibilities. She made the first fold, aligning point to point, the crease #crisp, precise. Working, her hands traveled through valleys and over mountains, her mind calm, focused.

      Done, she leaned back, sighing, only to be startled by the sound of chirping! Looking down, she gaped as her little sparrow took flight, vanishing through an open window.

      Smiling, she reached for a fresh sheet of paper.

    • As they walked the planet was visible through the ship’s dome, blue-green against velvet blackness. “So they organized society around this ‘money’,” she said, still unable to believe what she was hearing.

      “Correct,” he replied, “and those with the most were venerated above all others and seen as a source of safety and security.”

      “And this ‘Douglas Adams’ that you mentioned?”

      “He was one of the few who realized the whole thing was a bad idea.”