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  • A Fictional Me By ChatGPT #3

    Fake biography #3 about me, written by ChatGPT. Or: What is ‘real’? How do you define ‘real’?.

    Yup, I’m still at it, post fake biographies about myself as written by ChatGPT.

    Today’s biography is based on the following prompt:

    Write an approximately 500 word biography for Brett Kosinski in the first person perspective that includes a brief work history as well as unusual or outlandish personal details. In case you are not aware, Brett Kosinski had a career as a Software Developer before transitioning to Product Management 10 years ago. He is based out of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. He is known as the person who reverse engineered the compression algorithm used to encode assets in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and as a result, the scheme has been dubbed “Kosinski Compression”.

    (By the way, that last part is also true, much to my chagrin).

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  • I Can't Think Of A Good Title

    It was a beautiful friday afternoon as we stepped out of the office tower, a hot breeze wafting to our noses the scent of trees laden with brilliant white and pink flowers, their pedals littering the ground below. Overhead, a bright, blue-grey sky was pocked with puffs of white clouds, the seeds of the thunderheads which would loom dark in the eastern sky that evening.

    Stepping into the sunlight, we passed a line of dark red mailboxes standing like sentinels against a wall of rough, pink granite. As we rounded the corner, I looked up to see the sign for Scotia place, the red text advertising the various services provided therein:

    Scotia Graphitti

    Now that’s what I call service!