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  • I Can't Think Of A Good Title

    It was a beautiful friday afternoon as we stepped out of the office tower, a hot breeze wafting to our noses the scent of trees laden with brilliant white and pink flowers, their pedals littering the ground below. Overhead, a bright, blue-grey sky was pocked with puffs of white clouds, the seeds of the thunderheads which would loom dark in the eastern sky that evening.

    Stepping into the sunlight, we passed a line of dark red mailboxes standing like sentinels against a wall of rough, pink granite. As we rounded the corner, I looked up to see the sign for Scotia place, the red text advertising the various services provided therein:

    Scotia Graphitti

    Now that’s what I call service!

  • Mostly Male

    So, I was browsing around on Men Who Knit, a community site for male knitters (yes, apparently there are enough of us that a dedicated website is warranted), when I came across a few posts that I absolutely had to share. Someone came across a publication called “Brunswick Mostly Male” and posted some pics from patterns therein. And trust me… the name fits:

    I think the jumpsuit is my favourite. I gotta gets me one of those!