So, a few weeks back, I yanked half of the carrots from the garden out back and tried out a pickled carrot recipe. They turned out pretty decent (a bit on the sweet side, but tasty, certainly), and today I found myself looking at the last half of my crop, wondering, what on earth am I gonna do with all these damn carrots? I knew I had to pull ‘em, as any longer, and they’d most likely rot, or turn woody and inedible, and so I yanked the lot, cleaned ‘em, and then pondered. What to do. What to do… and then, it came to me:

Garden Fresh

That’s right, I made a freakin’ carrot cake! With from-scratch cream cheese icing, no less! Of course, I haven’t tasted the complete concoction, so I can’t guarantee it’s deliciousness, though I did nibble on the bottom layer a bit (which did not exit the baking pan gracefully), and it was certainly tasty. Yeah, I know, it’s strange and ugly looking. But, hey, so am I, so it seems rather apropos.