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    • So I’ve been plugging away at a little side project for kicks. I haven’t written code for a month, now, due to other issues and distractions but I have been thinking about it, and it occurs to me how novel that is: without the pressure of deadlines I can actually spend time thinking about the problem, ensuring I build the right thing first, without the pressure to deliver the fast wrong answer.

    • Three months into my career break and a couple of observations: 1) I thought I might eventually get bored. I absolutely have not. 2) Time flies. Fast. 3) I was concerned about becoming disconnected from people but in some ways the opposite is true as I’m so much more flexible that I can meet people where/when they are. 4) I am absolutely not ready to go back to work yet…

  • Turning the page

    After 21 years in my job at INVIDI I realized I needed a change, and in that moment of change, some space to reflect.

    The beginning

    Twenty-one years.

    For many of the folks I know, twenty-one years is a long time in a career, let alone in a single company.

    But the strange thing is that, while on the resume it looks like I’ve had just the one job, in reality I had the great fortune to have experienced a remarkably diverse series of roles, and it seemed like every time I started to get a little antsy, a little bored, in need of a change, INVIDI offered me another opportunity, another challenge, another path to walk.

    And it has been quite the journey, though one that has come to its natural end.

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