This is a copy of the note I posted to LinkedIn announcing my resignation from INVIDI. Since I didn’t syndicate my last blog post there, you’ll forgive a bit of overlap in the subject matter, but I liked what I wrote and wanted to preserve it on my blog. You know, Own Your Data and all that.

Well, after twenty-one long and incredibly fruitful years I realized it was time for a change and I’ve parted ways with INVIDI Technologies.

INVIDI is the company I grew up in, and during my time there I had the privilege to work with–not to mention hire–some of the most kind, thoughtful, intelligent, committed people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Thinking back, I realize that INVIDI, too, grew up around me, as we went from a struggling little startup bolted onto the side of Interdynamix here in Edmonton to, now, an international organization that’s grown to nearly three hundred people. That experience–of joining an early startup and being a part of building it into a successful company–is an incredibly rare one, and I feel privileged to have been a part of it.

For that same reason, while at first glance it might seem like I held onto the same job for so very long, in reality INVIDI was the kind of place that presented me with opportunity after opportunity to grow and stretch and try new things. It was for that reason–as well as the incredible people I had the chance to work with–that I felt comfortable staying in one place for so long. Sure, every few years I found myself craving a new challenge, but in that moment INVIDI always offered me something new.

Throughout, I was fortunate to have incredible mentors and colleagues who supported me in countless ways and from whom I learned so much; so many, in fact, that I’m afraid to start listing names for fear of leaving someone out. I hope you know who you are.

But, everything comes to an end eventually, and while I’ve come to the conclusion that my next step will need to happen outside INVIDI, I’ll never regret my time there.

As for that next step, for the moment I’m taking a break. Some of you probably know I’ve been idly contemplating a sabbatical for over a year now, and circumstances have conspired to make that possible, so I’m taking that rare opportunity to pause, and breathe, and reflect.

However, I don’t expect to spend that time idle! While this next month I plan to just enjoy myself–and I won’t lie, in part that means dusting off Vim and spending some time coding once again!–after that, I hope to learn, connect with people, perhaps take up some consulting work here and there, and feel out what I want to do next.

Oh, and finish that darn pair of socks I’ve been knitting for over a year!

With all that said, a deep and heartfelt thank you to all of you at INVIDI, both past and present, who helped me along the way. I can only hope I gave you a fraction of what you gave me.

And to all those who sent so many kind words in the past few weeks, thank you isn’t enough. As a person who struggles with anxiety and self-doubt, your kindness has been an affirmation that’s touched me more than you can ever know.

And now, I really should go look for that sock…