Smooth black tea that packs a punch of spicy heat.

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love wickedly spicy food. I also happen to enjoy a nice black tea from time to time (though given the choice I prefer a fragrant, earthy oolong). So I was very curious what this one would be like.

It turns out the answer is: quite good!

The black tea is very nice. I’d describe it as a solid Assam-style black (and I wrote that before checking the label, so, well done Vintage Fork!)

But the question I’m sure everyone is asking is: how spicy was it? I’d personally describe it as present but gentle, producing a nice warming without being too assertive. Though I should caveat that by noting I tend to eat very spicy food, so my scale for heat might be a little… askew. As was the case with the Garlic Tea, I was genuinely surprised how well this pairing worked.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one, and unlike their Garlic Tea, I can see enjoying this at any time, even when I’m not eating a savoury meal.