Pattern Thuja
SizeAdult women's size 9
NeedlesUS 3 - 3.25 mm
Raven Frog Fibers Marvelous Merino, Cabin in the Woods - 0.8 skeins

Construction is as follows:

  • 24 sts cast-on (12 per needle) using Judy’s Magic Cast-On
  • 17.5 cm toe to gusset
  • 8 gusset increases every other row per side
  • 16 row flap in heel stitch across 12 stitches w/ chain stitch selvedge
  • 8 picked up stitches on each side of flap
  • EZ cast-off

Post-completion Notes:

I’m very happy with the way these ones turned out. The sizing is more or less spot on (could be a little shorter, but only just a little), and the EZ cast-off made for a perfectly stretchy edge. And I didn’t even forget the cuff ribbing this time!