Pattern Eyelet Rib Sock
SizeWomen's size 9
NeedlesUS 2 -
Unknown, Unknown - 1.5 skeins

This was very much an experiment, taking from traditional glove-making techniques to come up with this toe-sock. Dimensions for the toe section are:

  • Toe cap - cast on 12 sts, increase to 28 sts
  • Foot cap - cast on 12 sts, increase to 44 sts
  • Fourchette - 4 sts joined using double cast-off

Big toe is cast on using a backward-loop cast-on where the tail is carried across the cast-on row by wrapping the tail once around the working yarn before casting on the next stitch. The toe can then be closed by pulling on the tail and weaving in.

The foot cap increases are done as follows: In the first two rows, increase two stitches on each side. On the remaining rows, the increases are all done on just one side of the piece. All increases are done every other row.

The toe and foot caps are joined using a double cast-off on four stitches per side. Then, on the first round on the joined piece, a couple extra stitches are picked up on each side of the join and knitted together with the previous/next adjacent stitch, in order to close up any gaps.