Pattern Thuja
SizeAdult men's size 8
NeedlesUS 3 - 3.25 mm
Raven Frog Fibers Marvelous Merino, Alder Bark - 0.8 skeins

My plan, here, is to mirror the Return to Socks pattern, with some minor alterations in the sizing to get it just right.

  • Toe: 8 sts
  • Foot: 44 sts
  • Gusset: 10 sts
  • Heel: 18 rows over 12 sts
  • Toe to gusset: 17cm

Post-Completion Notes:

Well, these could’ve been a little larger. 48 or 52 stitches around would’ve probably been ideal. And the decrease cast-off isn’t nearly stretchy enough for a tight-fitting sock. Looks like I might have to switch back to the EZ cast-off after all.