Pattern Thuja
SizeAdult men's size 8
NeedlesUS 3 - 3.25 mm
S.R. Kertzer Northern Worsted, Mossibility - 1 skein

Because I knitted this toe-up, it’s really made to fit. Dimensions are as follows:

  • 16 stitch cast-on (8 stitches per side) increased every other row to 44 stitches.
  • 5 3/4” from last toe increase to start of gusset increases.
  • 7 stitches for gusset increases (1.25”)
  • 14 row heel flap across 10 stitches (1.5”)

The toe was done using the absolutely fan-frickin-tastic Magic Cast-on by Judy… never again will I suffer through a figure-eight toe!

As for the heel, I used Denise Powell’s reverse Dutch Heel formula… mainly because it’s the simplest heel to follow, IMHO (just make sure to twist those picked up selvedge stitches!). And I genuinely think I prefer the look of a flap-heel over a short-row heel.

Finally, I used the decrease cast-off as linked to from the Ravelry wiki (the one where you k2togtbl, then place the new stitch back on the left needle and repeat), which is nice and stretchy, looks good, and unlike the EZ cast-off, doesn’t require a huge length of yarn and a frickin’ tapestry needle. Woo!

Post-Project Notes:

Well, in the end, I must say I’m pretty happy with the outcome. While the foot is a little long and the gusset a little short, the overall fit is pretty darn good, and I really like the look of the pattern. I’m also really happy with the feel of this yarn. Despite being acrylic, it has a very soft, thick feel to the fabric. Although, I must admit, it’s not my favourite sock colour.

Things I would do different:

  1. Again, shorter foot, longer gusset.
  2. Don’t run the pattern right to the edge of the top half of the sock (you need room to decrease on the heel, a problem if the pattern is in the way).
  3. Maybe a wider toe? These ones are a bit pointy… I’m on the fence with this, though.