So, a few days ago, I went out into the backyard to take a look at the status of my garden. It’s coming along pretty nicely… all the plants save the corn seem to have sprouted up nicely, although they’re pretty crowded by weeds right now. ‘course, given all the rain, it’s a little tough to get back there and clear things out. Apparently, however, the same isn’t true for what I think was a local dog:

As far as I can tell, the little bugger ran right through my garden! Not only did it leave a bunch of large prints, it pulled apart the nice string grid that I made! Anyway, presuming it was a dog (and I can’t imagine what else it was), it was a big ‘un, judging from the size of it’s paws:

This, along with the rabbits, is just another reason why I really need to put a basic fence up, lest my garden be destroyed by local wildlife.