Man, I just keep finding cooler and cooler stuff for my Palm. First up, ScummVM. This thing lets you play those old LucasArts games, like The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, etc, on your Palm! As if I don’t have enough games, now I have more! I’ll have to take some pics of some games running on my Palm… it’s pretty sweet, and with the bright colour screen, they look gorgeous.

On a more esoteric front, I came across OmniRemote. Believe it or not, it turns your Palm into a fully programmable IR remote control! Sound useless? Well, for me, it probably is, but it’s still pretty neat… although, it does have some issues that make it impractical for day to day use (button presses are kind slow for no discernible reason, and, for some reason, it sends a double-power signal to my cable box when I hit the power button).