Ugh. It’s 1:18am, and I’m only now finally ready to put my Palm down and leave it alone for a bit. Stupid thing, being as cool as I expected! A quick run-down of the apps I’ve installed:

  • AeroPlayer - Audio player.
  • brightnessFix2 - Hack to remove lower limit on screen dimming.
  • CliFrotz - ZCode interpreter.
  • Filez - File Manager.
  • IBM JVM - A Java Virtual Machine.
  • Little John - Multi-system emulator.
  • MemUnfragment - A hack to reduce fragmentation of the TX’s memory.
  • NetChaser - 802.11 scanner (for wardriving… good times. :)
  • Opera Mini - Opera’s java-based mini-browser.
  • PalmFiction - E-Book reader.
  • PalmPDF - A nice PDF viewer based on Xpdf.
  • PalmVNC - VNC client. You’d be surprised how useful this has been, already.
  • PilotGOne - Go software.
  • pssh - SSH client.
  • Quick News - An RSS reader.
  • SgfMan - Go game record manager.
  • SmbMate - Windows file share browser (extremely handy, and I found an actual freeware copy).
  • SoftwareUpdate - Tool for installing software via URL.
  • Sudoku - Name says it all.
  • TCPMP - Video player.
  • UDMH - Another memory hack (makes SD storage look like RAM).

Yeah. All that. And that doesn’t include the time I spent acquiring stuff to play on Little John, populating my SD card with music, copying over zcode files, the odd e-book (including Shape Up and Alice in Wonderland), and lord knows what else. I think it suffices to say that, thus far, I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it. It should be interesting to see how long the novelty lasts. :)

Anyway, in the next couple days I’ll see about posting some pictures and initial impressions (which are, BTW, quite favourable, by and large). Meanwhile, I really gotta go to bed… unlike Lenore, who’s psychotic enough to try and watch the Olympics when they start broadcasting live at 2.