Dough is a straight, enriched, standard hydration dough.


Same Day Version

Amt Ingredient
650g AP Flour
260g Water
200g Milk
30g Olive oil
13g Salt
7g Yeast

Poolish Version


Amt Ingredient
200g AP Flour
200g Water
1/8t Yeast

Final Dough

Amt Ingredient
450g AP Flour
60g Water
200g Milk
30g Olive oil
13g Salt



  1. Split dough into 160g piecies and let rest for 5 minutes (try not to degas too much).
  2. Form each piece into a boule and place on a sheet with some room between.
  3. Proof until approximately double.

Pre-bake Preparation

  1. Brush top of each bun with milk (add optional sesame seeds at this time).
  2. Press buns down to flatten them a little.


Bake at 450F for 15 minutes until internal temp reaches 195F. Allow to cool.