Posts from June 2017

  • Stabilized...

    Most things seem to be working now. I think.

    Comments appear to be disabled, but honestly, until I can deal with setting up recaptcha again, that’s probably fine.

    At some point I also need to go through and groom this dusty old place… I don’t have a MythTV box anymore. I’m sure not using my telescope. And a picture gallery is sooooo 2001.

    Of course, the whole style of this place is a bit 2001, but I think I’m okay with a little retro1.

    But there’s definitely some weeding that needs to be done.


    1. Okay, really retro… The About Page actually refers to “the weblog craze”. Holy wow… 

  • Facelift and overhaul

    If it wasn’t obvious, I haven’t been maintaining this place… well… at all, really. But, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to slowly bring it back to life for the few people who land here by, let’s face it, complete accident.

    That means an upgrade to Oddmuse for starters, and that’s breaking stuff, like, all over the place.

    But, such is the chaos of a home in construction. You have been warned!