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    • Well, I’m doing it. I’m taking a full three weeks off over Christmas: two weeks of staycation and then a ski trip first week of January. If I do it right that’ll mean time to hack on jekyll-webmention_io, do a bit of writing, play with my Steam Deck until my thumbs stop working, and then ski until I fall down. It will be glorious!

    • So I think (hope) I’ve got image captions working on my blog. To prove it, a little something from our trip to Newfoundland, Spillar’s Cove to be exact.

  • The Great Return

    Ahh Hawaii. Damn, I can’t believe I’m back in cold, cold Canada. What a beautiful place. And the marathon: incredible. But I’ll write about that later. Meanwhile, here’s a couple panoramas from the trip:

    Did I mention how incredibly awesome Autostitch is? Because if you want to create panoramas of your own, and you have access to a Windows box, it must be the most powerful, simple-to-use panorama tool I’ve ever used. Very cool.