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  • NYC 2007 - Day 4

    Yes, that’s right… day 4. Today, the flight plan was to catch a plane from Newark to Toronto at 6:20, with a connecting flight from Toronto to Edmonton later in the morning, which had us arriving some time before lunch. So, we awoke in our tiny hotel room at a mind-numbing 3:30, caught the E train to Penn Station around 4:10 (the subway is slow that early in the morning), grabbed the NJT at 4:40 (the plan was to catch the 4 :20, so we were already running late), arrived at the Newark Airport around 5:10 or so, waited in line for around ten minutes, cursing the slow people in front of us, and then discovered that our flight had been canceled.

    Yeah. Cancelled. Reason: freezing rain in Toronto.

    So, here I am, tapping away, waiting for a 9:20 flight to TO, and upon arrival, we’ll be hanging out in the airport for a good 8 hours, so we can catch an evening connecting flight back home. How I love air travel…

    On the bright side, the ticket agent was very friendly and did his best to get us on a reasonable flight plan. And we got a free breakfast out of the deal, too (do you suppose The Great American Bagel Factory is affiliated with The Great Canadian Bagel? Because they make a fine fine egg sandwich on a delicious jalapeno and cheddar bagel). OTOH, now we get to fight through a day of travel. Woo. Woo.


    Okay, that Air Canada travel agent is frickin’ awesome. Not only did he get us on a flight directly to TO instead of my original flight plan of Montreal -> Toronto -> Edmonton (lenore was scheduled to go through Chicago), but for the TO leg, we’re in first class! Seriously, this is fantastic… nice, padded, not-rock-hard chairs. Tons of leg room. Two full armrests. Truly, this is the life. ‘course, last I heard, there was a gate hold in place, and we’re 25th in line for takeoff, meaning 45 minutes of taxi time, but hey, that just means more time in first class!

    Update 2:

    Good grief… we’re in executive class for the second leg, too! Air Canada ticket agent guy, I love you (in a platonic way)!

    Update 3:

    I have the New York Photo Gallery uploaded!