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    • Just released version 3.6.7-2 of my old NetHack port for the Nintendo DS with some QoL improvements and bug fixes. It’s amazing how, when you step away from a project for, oh, 15-ish years, you start to notice little warts that you’d just gotten used to…

    • Don’t ask me why, but I restarted tinkering with my old DS port of NetHack! I forgot how much fun it is coding for platforms like the DS. It’s just so… simple.

      I was also reminded that, you know, my port plays really damn well. I forgot how many hours I logged in it! So, if you’re a NetHack fan, own a DS, and have a flash card, all four of you can try it out!

  • Slowing it Down

    Well, the past week or so has been an absolute whirlwind of software development. My NetHackDS project has developed considerably, expanding from a fairly basic port to supporting multiple rendering modes, control schemes, and so forth. And many of the features I’ve implemented haven’t even been my ideas… having actual users is surprisingly useful when trying to dream up new feature ideas. :)

    But, with such an accelerated pace of development (I’ve been making new releases more or less every other day), it’s inevitable that bugs creep in, particularly since I’ve been spending far more time developing NetHackDS, and far less time playing it. As such, my plan over the next week is to dial back on new feature additions and focus primarily on a) playtesting, and b) bug fixing.

    Of course, that’s not to say I won’t be doing any new feature development. Right now, I have it in my head to enhance the minimap, so it displays more useful information, and so I’ll probably plug away at that over the next little while. But aside from that, there are no major features I see desperately needing work in the short term… unless someone requests one. :)