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    • Unexpected ipv6 benefit: upgrading Debian testing, NetworkManager package broke (I still don’t know how). Rebooted to a system with no network connectivity. Thanks to a hard wired dock, all I had to do was an “ip set [iface] up” and everything autoconfigured and I could access Google and the Debian package repos (for the curious, I just had to run apt-get install --fix-broken).

  • Transition Complete

    Welcome to the new domain! As per my previous post, I’ve made the migration to my new domain, “”. Additionally, this website is now IPv6 accessible, so anyone with IPv6 access (either through a tunnel broker, 6to4, or teredo) will be able to reach this place over v6 instead of v4.

    As an aside, Hurricane Electric and are awesome services. Tunnel performance is spectacular (I see maybe 20ms extra latency over IPv6 versus IPv4), and they provide a routed /64, a full routed /48 if you want it, and support for reverse DNS delegation (so my IPv6 addresses will reverse resolve to my host names).

    Meanwhile, has excellent support for IPv4 and dynamic DNS, and IPv6, both forward and reverse. Now maybe I’ll go apply for an “IPv6 Enabled” badge to stick on the website…