Well, there isn’t much here, but these are the example YUV4MPEG scripts I’ve developed. Most do fairly basic transformations on the frames (though the GIMP script can be as powerful as you like).

  • yuvcut.pl - cuts frames from a stream.
  • yuvframerate.pl - adjusts the framerate of a stream by adding/dropping frames as necessary.
  • yuvgimp.pl - pipes the frames through the Perl GIMP module, allowing one to perform any transformations the GIMP is capable of.
  • gimp_emboss.pl - an example GIMP script which embosses the video stream.
  • yuvgreyscale.pl - convert a video stream to greyscale using the PDL.
  • yuvinterlace.pl - change interlacing mode for a stream (note, this is really dumb).
  • yuvpipe.pl - a tool for constructing a video stream based on an XML file which specifies inputs, filters, etc. Replaces lavpipe.