This mittens were made to match Lenores Scarf. Same yarn, and a custom pattern I made up on-the-fly (not that mittens are that tough) as follows:

  1. Started with a toe-up-sock style tip, increased to fit tightly over fingers.
  2. Knitted round until the mitten got to my thumb.
  3. Set aside thumb stitches.
    1. Placed some stitches (four, I think) on a stitch holder.
    2. Knitted one more round.
    3. At the held stitches, I cast on four new stitches.
    4. Knitted another complete round.
  4. Continued in the round on smaller needles to start the inward tapering.
  5. A bit of ribbing for the cuff, then cast-off.
  6. Picked up the thumb stitches and knitted round, closing it by reducing and then tying it off like a toque.

Then, lather, rinse, repeat! Simple and effective.