You do know what Dr. Who is, don’t you? Well, if not, Dr. Who is an old BBC TV show that ran for a ridiculous number of seasons (26, to be exact) from the 1963 through to 1989 (making it the worlds longest-running TV series!). You can learn more here.

Anyway, the scarf that this page is referring to was worn by the fourth doctor (who was also, incidentally, the longest-running doctor, at 7 years). You can download the pattern if you like.

Now, I had a decent picture of the original scarf at some point. In fact, I think it’s still on our digital camera (don’t ask). Anyway, the best replacement I could come up with is this:

Original Dr. Who Scarf

Aha! It was on the digital camera! So here is a picture of the original:

And here’s my attempted replica:

Dr. Who Scarf Picture