I am so very excited to announce that, as of today, I’ve hit my goal for my Tour Alberta for Cancer fundraising campaign! The key was Taber Cares, which held a donation matching event for up to $200,000 in donations to ride participants. Between my own self-donation, a couple of timely contributions from folks in my network, and the equivalent matching donations, all those funds pushed me over the top!

Of course, the fundraising doesn’t stop there. While reaching the $2,500 goal secures my participation in the in-person ride, I will certainly keep pushing to raise even more, as every dollar to the Alberta Cancer Foundation funds critical programs here in the province.

That being said, I must admit it’s a bit of a relief to hit that baseline goal. When I committed to the 2024 ride back in 2023, I’d already resigned from my position at INVIDI, and I understood that that decision could make fundraising this year much more difficult without that critical corporate backing.

Fortunately, as happens every year, I was amazed to see so much support come from so many. Whether it was former colleagues from INVIDI who generously contributed to my campaign, or my wonderful family and friends who all stepped up, I was truly humbled by all those that donated.

Even more amazing to me is the many donations that came from so many places. Despite the fact that they wouldn’t see a tax deduction, or necessarily directly benefit from the organization they were supporting, I saw donations from many amazing folks beyond our borders, including many donations from our cousins to the south, and some from as far away as Sweden! You are all truly incredible.

So what now?

Well, there’s still the hand-knitted sock raffle!1 So there’s still a chance to win a pair of socks knitted by yours truly if you donate to my campaign.

And, of course, there’s the training. So. Much. Training. In fact, this week I’ve already broken 100km in the saddle, with more scheduled for tomorrow, and good weather ahead that will allow me to maintain that pace. Fortunately, I can already report significantly improved fitness, so I’m on the right track, as the ride is just a few weeks away.

Anyway, once again thanks to all those who directly contributed to my ride this year, or have supported me in the cause. You’re all amazing!

And in particular, a huge shout-out to my wife Lenore. Whether it’s getting the word out on Facebook and helping me nagencourage family and friends to donate, getting me to and from the ride every year, being a one-woman cheer squad and my very best supporter, or just generally encouraging me to get out and train, she helps in ways big, small, and immeasurable.

Alright, and now to get to that raffle draw!

  1. And yes, for those paying attention, draw number two was supposed to happen yesterday. Once I get this post up I’ll perform the second draw and announce the winner!