I’ve always been a big fan of mechanical keyboards. For many years at work I held on to an IBM Model M, happily driving my neighbours nuts with the loud clickity-clack of its glorious keys. But, alas, it eventually broke down and I had to settle for a run-of-the-mill membrane keyboard.

Weirdly, though, the mechanical keyboard never really died, and thanks to the gaming community, has actually had quite the renaissance over the years. So, when, at work, I found myself needing a new keyboard, I got permission to purchase a eSports Poseidon. I fell in love with it immediately and, with its Cherry MX Brown switches, it has been a total dream (well, until recently… but that’s a whole other story), with just the right amount of tactile response and not entirely excessive noise…

Anyway, my own home setup has been evolving a fair bit lately, and I decided it was about time to ditch my Logitech membrane keyboard for a proper mechanical. But this time, instead of springing (har har) for a mass-produced gaming keyboard, I decided to order something special: a WASD V2 87 Key custom mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches.

And it arrived today!

WASD V2 Keyboard

Awww yeah. It’s heavy. It’s seriously clickity-clacky (like… seriously). It looks amazing (some might say “ugly” or “garish” but I prefer “super-retro”). And now I’m writing this post as an excuse to bang away on the damn thing, because man oh man, is it ever fun!

It’s definitely gonna take some getting used to–the keys are definitely stiffer than the MX Brown switches on my work board, though I wonder if that’ll ease over time as I work it in–but compared to the mushy old keyboard I had before, it’s just way too awesome for words!

And it’ll probably drive Lenore crazy!