Wow, it’s been a shockingly long time since I’ve posted an update here… seems like I probably should, particularly since I’m now paying for a hosting service to run this damn thing. Might as well actually make it worth my while.

Which brings me to the first major change, largely transparent to anyone strange enough to still be reading this thing, which is that about a month and a half ago, or so, I finally moved my public websites off to Linode. Why Linode? Mainly because, for a modest fee, I get what amounts to a naked Linux box with IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, upon which I can run basically anything, and so it really just becomes another server in my arsenal, which is rather handy. With it I’m hosting both this blog and my mom’s business website, all more or less highly available, and not victim to the whims of the power company servicing my house.

As a bonus, the upstream on my Linode kicks the ass of the upstream I get at home, so performance should be much quicker for anyone still visiting this place.

Next up, we have another reason why I haven’t posted things here in a while: I’ve got me a Google+ account, and have been moving a lot of my public communications there. Of course, for updates that are directly relevant to my software projects and so forth, I’d rather post them here, so this blog will live on, as rarely updated as it is.

I’ve also been moving more and more of my actual software over to GitHub. The migration is slow, and I’m still struggling to decide which projects I want to move (I’ve got plenty of old Software Projects that I could move, I just can’t decide if it’s worth the trouble), but so far I’ve been damn happy with the results when it comes to NetHackDS, so it makes sense to migrate other projects which make sense (such as the inexplicably popular savsender).

So, there we go, mandatory post complete. Maybe I’ll even author another mandatory post some time in the future. Stay tuned!