Why did I install you, StumbleUpon? WHY???

Okay, so a little background, StumbleUpon is this browser extension that adds a toolbar to your browser. If you hit “Stumble”, it’ll search for websites it thinks you might like. Then you rate them. It has categories, so you can select particular subject matter, and you can even post comments and read what other people have to say.

Well, as you can imagine, this is an immense time waster. I mean, it’s really bad. It’s like the Del.icio.us front page, except less work. And the stuff I’ve found? Well, here’s a few gems:

And those are just the things I thought were really cool. I just wish I hadn’t found yet another way to procrastinate at work.


I just came across this. It has photos and virtual tours of various Asian temples and other buildings. Very very neat.