So, after what I consider to be a reasonably successful Christmas (particularly the turkey, which Lenore executed perfectly… if you’ve ever considered brining a turkey, do it), we decided it would be amusing to go out and brave the boxing day crowds and do a little shopping… and after many hours, we didn’t really come out with much, truth be told.

However, I did decide to splurge a little and bought myself one of Palm’s fancy universal wireless keyboards. It’s really pretty impressive: it comes as a small rectangular device that’s slightly bigger than my TX. However, unfolded, it presents a very compact, but quite functional keyboard. The keys are full-sized (very similar to what you’d find on a laptop keyboard), and the action is very nice… they have a nice click without too much or too little resistance. Pretty snazzy, I gotta say.

Of course, I had no choice but to write up a little blog entry on the thing, hence what you are (presumably) reading right now. That’s right, this entire thing was hacked up in pedit on my snazzy keyboard. Even cooler, I hacked up an email gateway for my wiki, so it was simply a matter of emailing this entry to myself and voila! it’s posted to my blog! Nifty, eh?