Well, as it turns out, apparently I have money to burn, so on day 3 of our fateful trip, I bought myself a new pair of earphones. 130$ earphones. Though, I must admit, they are mighty sweet!

So, what did I buy? A pair of Shure E2Cs! Sound fancy? Well, damnit, they are! They’re referrered to as canal-phones, because, rather than just sitting outside the ear like standard buds, they actually fit into the ear canal. Moreover, they come with sleeves which cause them to act like ear plugs. The result is excellent sound reproduction (including bass, unlike typical buds) while providing incredible noise isolation (at low volume I can’t hear a conversation next to me), meaning you can drive them at lower volume, thus protecting my hearing. Good stuff!

Of course, that ain’t all. Lenore picked up a pair of sweet Sony cans for 100$ which sound incredible (though, I have to say, my Shures are pretty comparible). So, yeah, it’s been a decadent trip! And, tomorrow, the drive back… which should be a good chance to test the sound isolation capabilities of my new earphones.