Am I the only one that has a problem with severe procrastination? I can’t be… I just have no motivation. I blame the Intarweb. God damned thing. Giving a person like me daily access to the internet is like giving Heroine to someone who’s predisposed to addiction. The following is, I think, an accurate graph of my productivity following the popularization of the internet (hah! Finally I can use my gnuplot plugin):


Personally, I think and Gmail (not to mention Blogs) are the products of a twisted mind hell bent on taking down the western world by praying on the inherent laziness in our society.

The only solace I can take is the fact that, in the past, people just procrastinated in different ways. They talked on the phone, or congregated around the water cooler. They went for “coffee break”, or who knows what else. So, now, instead of getting up and socializing with our colleagues, we browse the web… yet another example of how the internet is both pulling us all together and pushing us apart (somehow, Asimov’s “Naked Sun” comes to mind).