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  • Enough About The Palm, Already!

    So I returned my Palm and got my cash back. I was planning to get it replaced at the store, but unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock, which is, apparently, the normal state of things (I’ve returned to FS and BB, since, and still no TXs in stock). Given all this trouble, part of me is wondering if I should bother replacing it…

    Unfortunately, just the day before my Palm died, I bought myself a car charge for the thing… a frickin’ $50 car charger (I coulda swore the tag on the shelf said $29.99). Moreover, like an ass, I threw out the packaging and receipt, meaning I can’t return it. So, I figure, trying another TX is probably worth $50. OTOH, if I have trouble again, well… Palm can just kiss my lily white .

    On a completely unrelated note, as I sit here typing away, Seventh Heaven is on TV. Now, those who know me have heard this, but I really think it needs to be in writing: I firmly believe that Seventh Heaven is, hands down, the worst television ever made, in the entire history of civilization. I challenge anyone, anyone at all, to come up with a counter example. Good luck! You’ll need it.

  • The Trip - Day 2

    Location Granville Island (this entry was started in a store called Rhinoceros)
    Weather Cool (but not -20C) and sunny

    Image of the Day:

    Apparently it was cold enough today for water to freeze in the ponds down around Granville Island, hence the ducks appearing to walk on water.

    Anyway, we spent the afternoon wandering around the island, generally wasting time (woo woo, more shopping!), giving me further opportunity to fiddle about with my PDA and invade more WAPs (allowing me to start this entry).

    Speaking of which, the PDA is generally working out well. I’ve had some odd stability issues here and there (eg, Pocket Tunes now freezes up whenever I play anything, hence me switching to AeroPlayer), but I expected that, to some degree. Other than that, it’s been good. And, if anything, it’s provided plenty of distraction (not to mention a useful blogging tool).