First off, you can jump to my list of Software Projects if you don’t want to hear about me rambling on about programming.

Anyway, where was I. Right, programming. Programming is an art. It’s a black art. It’s not engineering, no matter what people might say. We software developers certainly try to take concepts from traditional engineering and reuse them in our profession, sometimes successfully (like, say, Unit Testing), and sometimes not so much (the Waterfall Method), anyone?), but in the end, software development is it’s own incredibly complicated beast. Heck, just the fact that so many new Programming Languages are invented year after year suggests that our profession is different… after all, you don’t see people trying to re-invent the hammer every year.

But, black art or not, I love doing it. Which is probably why I spend so much time learning new languages, working on personal projects, and otherwise spending more time on the computer than is strictly healthy for me.

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