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DateJuly 11, 2020
Distance66.11 km
Average Speed23.91 km/h

First attempt at this linkup, I decided to extend the leg up to Hwy 37 along Range Rd 250 up to Township Rd 552, with a plan of going through Carbondale. I was then going to cross over Hwy 28 and continue down Township Rd 552 and then eventually turn south.

Well, fun fact: most of Range Rd 250 and Township Rd 552 are gravel until you reach Carbondale, and then it returns to gravel when you cross the highway. This was a mistake and definitely made the rest of the ride a lot harder than it needed to be.

So I called an audible, took Hwy 28 south to Hwy 37 and then did an extended loop around the airbase.

I definitely won’t be doing this exact linkup again. To extend the distance I think I might take Hwy 37 further, maybe all the way to the Hwy 15 junction to Fort Saskatchewan. The roads are busier but at least they’re paved…