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Denise's Toe-up Sock
Instructor Denise Powell

Lesson Two - The "Pointy Toe" Cast On

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Using your yarn and appropriate double-pointed needles, cast on 4 stitches on ONE needle.
I use the knitted-on method, but other methods will work Now, turn the needle with the stitches on it around  and slide the stitches to the other end (as though  doing I-cord). Next you will increase four more stitches  (abbreviated M1). while distributing the stitches onto 3 needles. You can use any of the increase methods given in the preliminary lesson, but the raised increase may be difficult because you won't have much slack yarn to raise! Don't worry in this round about making the increases symmetrical.
1st needle: K1, M1; 2nd Needle: K1, M1, K1, M1; 3rd needle: K1, M1 8 stitches, divided 2-4-2.
The needle with 4 stitches (needle 2) holds the stitches for the top of the sock foot. The stitches for the sole are on the other two needles.

Toe Increases
>From now on, the toe increases are done symmetrically, using any  of the forms of increase described earlier. Note that this makes a flat foot with two side stitches. If you want to make a rounder foot, you can make 4 equally spaced increases every other round, using only one direction of increase. Other forms of toe shaping are also possible.

Join, being careful not to twist Needle 1: K1, M1L, K1 Needle 2: K1, M1R, K2, M1L, K1 Needle 3: K1, M1R, K1 (12 stitches, divided 3-6-3). 
Next round Needle 1: K2, M1L, K1 Needle 2: K1, M1R, K4, M1L, K1 Needle 3: K1, M1R, K2 (16 stitches, divided 4-8-4.) In Dk, Worsted or heavier weights of yarn: knit one round PLAIN. 
Next round: Needle 1: K3, M1L, K1 Needle 2: K1, M1R, K6, M1L, K1 Needle 3: K1, M1R, K3 (20 stitches, divided 5-10-5). Knit one round PLAIN. Needle 1: K4, M1L, K1 Needle 2: K1, M1R, K8, M1L, K1 Needle 3: K1, M1R, K4 (24 stitches, divided 6-12-6).
Continue increasing as established every other round until sock is wide enough to fit the foot snugly.
This completes the toe section.

/Denise Powell
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