This project is an experiment in using JSON as a data archive format, with HTML and Javascript as a method of rich front-end visualization. What you're seeing, here, is a dynamic HTML document backed by this JSON repository of Usenet message threads I've archived from Google groups.

The original version of this visualizer made use of jQuery, but in an effort to make this fully self-contained, I've rewritten it to use pure Javascript. It does assume a very modern browser, though, so if you're using IE9 or earlier, it probably won't work for you.

Usage is pretty simple. Threads are sorted first by date, then grouped by newsgroup. This gives a time-series presentation of the posts but collapses multiple threads together for easier navigation. Within each newgroup is a set of threads. Click/tap on the newsgroup heading to open/close it. Do the same for thread headings inside the group to see the individual messages. Clicking/tapping on the username for each message will toggle presentation of the Usenet message header.

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